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Injection moulding

Injection molding of plastic is the core of our work. This type of production is particularly suitable for high volume and complex designs.

Tooling facilitation

We do not manufacture injection molding tools, but we offer to assist and guide in the initial stages. We collaborate with some highly qualified Danish tool makers and factories not far from our production facilities. All new tools are manufactured in Denmark, so we can guarantee high quality steel and fabrication. It is crucial for us to be close to the manufacturing process and thus ensure high quality and efficient drive.

Tampon print

We have many years of experience with tampon pressure on many different types of components. We have automated solutions for pressurized printing and also have manual pressure facilities.

Custom colors

We offer custom colors on any product. We can assist in choosing the right masterbatch type, suitable for the plastic granulate for a given component.

Assembly and packaging

We offer assembly of components and different types of packaging, corresponding to the product and relevant requirements.

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