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Established in 1985 Carina Accessories initially produced plastic based jewelry and accessories, hence the name. Since then our services and capabilities have expanded to other product types and industries. We specialize in injection molding and have been manufacturing plastic components to a wide range of industries for more than thirty years. Our product range has evolved towards more industrial products, and our production facilities have grown and developed in parallel with our competencies and visions. Over the years, we have bought a number of companies, which has meant that our product range today is wide spread. In addition, this has meant that we primarily carry out contract manufacturing to different industries.


Our production facilities and headquarter is located just outside Copenhagen, Denmark.


In 2017 we changed our company name to Carina Plastics, since the production of jewelry and accessories is history. Furthermore in order to streamline our brand, which formerly has been known as three different brands:


Carina Accessories: medical equipment, personal hygiene products, components for energy transformers

Brink Plast: valve handles for flow solutions, lab equipment, cogs. Brink Plast includes Termotex: box systems, industrial funnels. And Optilux: lamps. 

Danica Sport Fishing Products: equipment for sport fishing



Check out our products section for more information on above product lines. ​

Our vision is to produce high quality products for various industrial industries, including particularly the medical device industry, in order to improve user safety and ensure that the products meet regulatory requirements at any time. We are always interested in new projects and ideas, and are happy to offer offer our competence, capacity and knowledge in the development of new products.

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