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Carina Plastics A/S has 14 injection molding machines, ranging from 25 to 200 ton clamping force. Our primary supplier of machines is Arburg, but we also hold machines by Engel and Demag. 

Automated packing systems and robots

We have automated packing systems for our production of medical equipment. The cups and lids are counted, stacked, wrapped and sealed. Furthermore we have several robotic pickers, used to remove inlets from components after molding which eases packing and enables us to instantly recycle the excess material.

Insert molding

Allows for other components such as solid brass inserts to be completely or partly integrated into the plastic molded part during cycle.

Storage capacity


A few kilometers away from our premises, we have a stock warehouse with 1000 square meters ground floor and 3 level capacity. This makes it easier to plan productions, since we can run large batches and offer our costumers favorable delivery times and the best possible service.

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